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v6 box updates

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got a letter from virgin bout 2 months ago   subject  updating from a v1 box to a TiVo one-- filled in the application on line as one does name e\mail phone etc  delivery requested on 22 Feb-- not heard diddly squat from them   so on Wednesday contacted them by landline (  as the live chat is a  joke )  after a lot of dialogue  was told it would be delivered on Saturday  -almost sunday still not here-- and to add insult to injury  they have now started bombarding the screen with reminders that the box needs to be  changed  thing is when they shut it off still going to be billed for 2 boxes   anyone else getting the run around on this issue  thank,s for any forth coming  help


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Re: v6 box updates

Best phone and press for retentions/thinking of leaving. You'll get more sense out of them. 

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Re: v6 box updates

Hi masterblaster1, 


Thanks for your post and apologies to hear you are having an issue receiving your replacement TiVo® box.


Checking the account it looks as though we sent out a replacement box last April for you. If you haven't already, replace the V+ box with this TiVo® box as we won't send another one.


Let me know if you have any further issues.



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