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Your Virgin Media Order email but no order on file

Hi there,

I just wanted you guys to know that I'm normally a big supporter of Virgin Media and I'm very positive with what I say to other people.

However, the online ordering has left me disheartened. 

On Wednesday 1 Feb, I placed an order for a V6 Box and went through the process of selecting a day for connection and I received an email to confirm that the order had been placed but installation was yet to be confirmed.

I did not receive any further emails or phone calls and so assumed that the V6 would be delivered during the time slot I had selected.

After the time slot had expired with no engineer or V6 having arrived, I phoned up customer services only to find that according to their records, there was nothing on file about me ordering a V6.

I was passed onto another member of the customer services team and was able to place an order but instead of being able to get to grips with a V6 today, I now have to wait till the 7 Feb.

Now I know that it's only a few days to wait, which I can handle, but what grates me is the fact that there is an online service in place that clearly does not work properly.

I hope that someone investigates this issue so that it doesn't happen to anyone else.


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Re: Your Virgin Media Order email but no order on file

Sadly, from threads on here it would appear the online order system is not great.. seems that the email was probably an automatic one, without actually getting the order sent through. Also, if you are ordering for it to be fitted by an engineer, the slots given on the website are not long enough as Virgin say to install the V6 needs a double appointment.


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Re: Your Virgin Media Order email but no order on file

Hi RayMullen, 


Thanks for your post and apologies to hear about the unfortunate experience you've had whilst ordering a V6 online Smiley Sad 


We have had feedback regarding this and are making changes to make things right. 


I am glad you've since been able to get the box installed though. How did the installation go? Are you enjoying the new box?


If you are having any issues, pop back and let us know so we can help further. 



Forum Team

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