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V6: nice and fast but hugely disappointing multi-room features

I had V6 installed today, and am feeling underwhelmed.

The first reason to upgrade was that our old TIVO box had become dog slow, and yes V6 has addressed this, being nice and fast. So that’s a win.

However I feel mis-sold on a couple of other features.

First use of old TIVO boxes. The web site states that you can have your old TIVO boxes in other rooms, and stream to and from them. Like you can with the SkyQ Boxes. So my plan was to move the old box into a room, hook it up to the network and use it for streaming. But no, you need that old TIVO box connected using the Virgin cable and paid for as an extra TIVO box. I haven’t got a Virgin cable running into that room, and don’t want to pay for another TIVO box, so that isn’t going to work. So V6 does not match SkyQ in this respect, and the advertising is misleading in suggesting it does. It doesn’t offer anything more box to box wise than existing TIVO does.

The other disappointment is TV anywhere. It does add downloading – I haven’t tried that yet, but I soon will – it could be useful. But the advertising suggests that any compatible device in your house can be streamed to. Yes it can – BUT WITH THE SAME LIMIT OF 2 DEVICES WE HAD BEFORE. So this is no better than the old TIVO, and the advertising that suggests it is does mislead on this point as well. This is not the full house multi device streaming that you get with SkyQ.

A final point is that the engineer had no knowledge whatsoever of the streaming capabilities of V6 so was no help at all. I find this incredible. He told me to phone customer services. 45 mins of my life waster on the phone, and I still didn't find someone who fully understood V6. 

So if you want a faster version of TIVO, V6 is great. If you want SkyQ style multi room features, then buy SkyQ.

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Re: V6: nice and fast but hugely disappointing multi-room features

You can look at it a couple of ways.

Obviously the advertising is going to be bigging up the V6 - but I dont think it would fall into the category of misleading.

To address the MRS point- I think the assumption from the VM hierarchy is that most consumers would replace one of multiple TiVo's with V6- at which point the cable connection is a moot point (for the record, I ALWAYS ask them to install a new point with any new kit- that way you get an extra one for free).

So yes each instance requires a separate cable connection- +1 to SKY Q. However, every box you add adds extra storage, unlike SKY Q , so  +1 to V6

The additional rental fee per box also applies to SKY Q

I dont really get the point about the device limit- yes 2 is too few but V6 does not claim to be able to stream to multiple devices at once, or to allow any device all the time. And the usability is improved with the ability to download as it is with SKY Q - so Id call that a draw between the two.

To be blunt, the mission statement and the advertisements have somewhat diverged, at this point. VM see V6 as putting your VM package, SKY (if you subscribe through VM) BT sport (if you subscribe through VM), Netflix, etc all in the one place- a content aggregator if you will.

Whereas SKY see Q as giving you more ways to watch their content.

You pays your money.....



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Re: V6: nice and fast but hugely disappointing multi-room features

Your Tivo box slows down because most people don't realise that the suggested programs are recorded and stored on the box. Remove that option and delete everything in the suggested recordings folder and the tivo should become a lot faster.
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