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V6 install error C119 and loading channels stuck at 16%

So, this is now week 4 with my new V6 box, and I still have no TV (although the internet works fine).

C119 error (V6 box 1)

First, fresh after installation, I had the C119 error on my V6 box.

This is the error where, on the "Installing Software" screen, all the steps get a tick except the final "Verifying" which fails (connection unsuccessful - restart & call if happens again), and then I get the C119 "Connection Problem" error.

This is described here: Error-C119-No-TV-Internet-or-Phone-for-over-2-weeks and seemingly there is no fix but to wait an indeterminate amount of time.

The Virgin Media technician who installed by V6 just left and said it would eventually work.  But it did not, even though I tried connecting for a week.

Channels won't load error (V6 box 2)

So, I had my second Virgin Media visit from a technician, and they replaced the V6 box and somehow it managed to install without the C119 error.

BUT, then I had the loading channels stuck at 16% error on this V6 box.  This is the error where you have the tv guide and can click through the channels, but there is no vision and no audio.  This error is described here: Loading-Channels-stuck-at-16/td-p/3318829.  I should point out that I had not located this forum thread at the time of the loading channels stuck at 16% error, so I can't tell you if keeping the HDMI cable unplugged during installation works.

The missing technician error

The Virgin Media technician then called and arranged with his area manager to come out.

However, he or she never showed up , and I wasted an entire day waiting around home (not to mention I rung up twice in the days preceding the appointment to confirm that the technician was still coming).

The area manager then phoned me 2 days later and arranged a visit from another technician.

C119 error redux (V6 box 3)

2 Virgin Media technicians then visited, and replaced all the cables, splitters, filters and provided me with my third V6 box.  And, naturally, we are back to the C119 error.

After 3 visits from 4 Virgin Media technicians, and countless hours on the phone to the technical department, I still have no TV and I am completely in the dark about what their next steps are: the last technicians said they would come and install an old Tivo box, but they never came back.  

My next steps are to the Consummer Ombudsman, because this whole situation is ridiculous, and I don't think I want Virgin Media anymore even if they can fix it (which is highly doubtful).  To be fair, I've had to miss so much work on the phone and waiting at home for the Virgin Media technicians, I probably can't afford it anymore in any event.

Hopefully this will stand as a cautionary tale for everyone.

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: V6 install error C119 and loading channels stuck at 16%

Hello sadlerpe,


Thanks for letting us know about this on the community and I'm sorry to learn about the issues you've been experiencing since your install.


I can see that you've spoken to the team since your post so I hope this has been resolved for you now.


If you need help with anything else please let me know.


Kind regards

Forum Team

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