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V6 information.

1) V6 Can record 6 channels at the same time while you watching another recording or online services like Netflix YouTube which you can see 4K shows or films on your UHD / 4K TV..
2) the remote is smaller than the original Tivo. Which has to be matched to the V6.
3) I have had one of two V6 replacement as the hard drive was damaged ( lost of epg data, blocking images on recording and rewind live shows plus one of the data tuner damaged too ) believe it due to the V6 not being boxed in vans only in plastic bag with bag of crystal salts to take dampness away. .. Plus remote had to be replaced too as the man could not pair the remote control to the new V6....
4) Netflix 4K test on one of the boxes broken up ? Yet the network link was excellent on the box.
5) The new box boots up quickly than old ones.
6) V6 box does update it's software at first time boot.
7) V6 box gives you choice of network cable or Wi Fi at booting up at first time.
8) The V6 will remember the Wi Fi password even when powered off But if you reset your V6 box you will need to put the code in again.
9) the boot screen is stupid with many languages saying welcome. ..
10) You have a choice of channel name or colourful logo in guides.
11) You can use your old TiVo box setting on the New V6 by VM site ( but if you have any old series links that was set before new link+ software then the new V6 will add online shows too the my show )
12) you will get a message from VM on your new V6 explain how to get help.
13) V6 box can't be linked to each other by network cable and use Wi Fi to the hub as my boxes find each other at first boot but then they show an ! Mark next to name. .
14 ) you can give each box a name of your choice or use the list of names given.
15) the remote control can be made to work with your TV too with sound like old remote by pressing the TV & clear button at the same time seeing red light then green which flashing twice then put 4 numbers code of your TV maker list online on in help guide by home button.
16) V6 box Wi Fi is given level names good, excellent with a numbered %

The V6 has extra lead to fix the box to the cable due to a old aerial plug at the back of the box and has a power lead with box like old TiVo but with no green light.

Hopefully this will be help
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Re: V6 information.

Thanks TeleWest a good reason to wait a few months until all the enviable problems with a new device are ironed out, it was always very common with new cars never buy the mark 1 always wait for the mark 2 version. Which I intend doing regarding the V6 box.j
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