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V6 can't stream iPlayer but Apple TV and Amazon Firestick can

Just some feedback, as per title. After a promising start, some issues.

V6 connected over wifi, as are the Apple TV, Amazon Firestick and an LG tv. V6 stalls on iPlayer and gets the round circle. Other devices are all fine. Same programmes and same time of day. Disappointing. (I have a decent wifi set up and am on 200mb, but not really relevant as it is about how devices work on the same network).

So by all means get the V6 so you don't have dog slow day to day operation, but don't count on it as a primary streaming device.

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: V6 can't stream iPlayer but Apple TV and Amazon Firestick can

Hi Jaunty, 


Thanks for your post and apologies to hear you are having an issue streaming iPlayer via your V6 box. 


Since posting has there been any changes to this? 


I've taken a look at the V6 stats via your account and things are looking good in terms of power and signal levels. There are also no known faults for this. 


Give the V6 box a reboot, making sure the power goes completely from the V6 before turning it back on. 


Come back and let me know how things are. 



Forum Team

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