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V6 boxes installed and working great

Had 2 V6 boxes fitted a couple of weeks ago and can report working brilliantly. Originally had 2 Tivo's which both worked OK, bit slow on BBC iplayer and one pixelated a bit on sky movies. So we have 1 V6 in the front room, 1 V6 upstairs in bedroom, kept 1 TiVo (the better and older one, and will be paying for 3rd box) put it in the conservatory and the Hub 3 is in the spare room / office. All connected with Devolo 500 powerlines with no problems at all. On VIP so paid for one and one instalment fee and was all up and running in 40 mins. The 2 lads who came round even checked all the outside connections and replaced both of the 3 way splitters we have in the wiring because they were not quite happy with them. Reset thy network in the Tivo so V6's could see it, so now can watch anything on everyone. BBC iplayer is so quick now it catches you out. I know it is still early days but we are well pleased with them. 

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Re: V6 boxes installed and working great

That's awesome to hear stevenwelsh17.

I honestly can't wait until this is released for staff, my TIVO is so slow on netflix and youtube (which I only use).

Let us know how well they work out in the future too, it's always good to hear good things about the new v6 Smiley Happy
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