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V6 box upgrade

Hi. I recieved a phone call from virgin upgrading my box for free. I have teo. One upstairs and one down. One is the basic box which is upstairs and the other that is downstairs was the older TiVo box. When guy was installing he took older TiVo box out and installed new one. I overheard on phone that the basic box would not work at the end of the month. So does this mean I need to buy a new box for upstairs as the old basic box will not work?
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Re: V6 box upgrade

What make is the box upstairs ? If its actually a tivo, then it will be ok.
if its a V+ then I think if its a samsung box it will be ok but if its an SA box then it will need replacing, (someone will probably come along and correct me on this).

If it needs replacing then it shouldn't cost you anything extra, any chance they replaced the wrong box?

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