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V6 Help

I really cannot seem to get to grips with the new V6 box, I just can't find a solution to my poor picture quality.

When I had my TiVo the picture quality was sharp and crystal clear, unfortunately with the V6 I just cant seem to find a constant good picture. There are some programmes where the quality matches the TiVo but most of the time it just doesn't compare especially when I watch football.

I have tried various picture settings and tried changing the HDMI cable between the 4K 30Hz and 4K 60Hz ports on my TV but just cannot find a constant picture I'm happy with.

I had a Virgin Media engineer out today who didn't really appear to have a clue about the V6 box and admitted his eye sight was so poor he couldn't tell the difference between SD and HD anyway.

I have also had occasions where my whole picture shakes and I need to restart the box to clear the problem.

I have had one occasion where when I turned the box on the only picture I had was a digital snow storm and I needed to restart the box to clear that problem.

And finally when I try to watch videos on YouTube I don't get a picture only sound.

Yes the box is quick but apart from that I am really failing to see any other positives and I'm tempted to downgrade back to TiVo.

I am sorry to sound so negative but I am finding it extremely frustrating and any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: V6 Help

With all this problems I'd asked the engineer to change the box.......

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