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V6 Accessybility

I am partially sighted and interested in upgrading my existing Tivo boxes to the new V6.

Does anybody know of the accessibility features for people with sight loss on the new V6 box.  I am particularly interested to see if it has voice control of the menus or audio description of the menus on the box.

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Re: V6 Accessybility

The accessibility options for the V6 box and remote themselves are the same as those available on the current TiVo.

The main difference for most people is that the V6 box is automatically connected to your home network, meaning you can use the TV Anywhere app to control your TV via your V6 box. The TV Anywhere app is fully compatible with the accessibility options in both iOS and Android including VoiceOver and TalkBack.

So rather than using the TV remote and on-screen interface, you can find content to watch and record using the TV Anywhere app, and then just select it to play on the TV once you've found it.

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