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TiVo V6 - Stock settings aren't quite right... this might fix some issues

So, had my shiny, and fast V6 installed today - and, straight away noticed that the TV picture was a little soft compared to what my old Cisco TiVo used to output, and Netflix was very juddery - found the culprit straight away

If you go to Home -> Help -> Help and Settings -> Video Output -> Video Output Format - mine, being connected to a 4K TV only had '2160p' ticked, you also want to tick 2160p Pass-through, and all of the 1080 options, run through the tests (if it needs to) and - let the TV do the upscaling when it needs to, and let the TiVo output the 4K natively...

That way you have great HD TV, and - even better (judder free) 4K...  Don't do the 720p/576i though, let TiVo upscale those (else, if selected, seems that the TiVo prefers 720p output)

Probably may only help one person on the network, but - even if that is the case, I hope my good deed well, erm - helps Smiley Happy

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