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This Can't Be Right

Just went onto my account to look at the v6 box, good job i was sitting down

  • Find the telly you love with the press of a Search button, no matter where it lives on Virgin TV – on live TV, Box Sets≠, Catch Up or even Netflix±
  • Record 6 shows while you watch a 7th you recorded earlier, or something on BBC iPlayer or Netflix±
  • Watch live TV, Box Sets≠ and selected recordings on your compatible mobile or tablet around your home with Virgin TV Anywhere
  • Record 500 hours of shows in SD or 100 in HD

More about the V6 box

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An engineer will get you up and running. Your Hub and Virgin TV V6 box need to sit close to each other to work best, and this may mean moving your kit.

Upgrade for an extra £40.17 a month
£108.59 a month
for 12 months
Line rental Included
£14.99 Activation Fee
 A EXTRA 40 QUID A MONTH, YOU KNOW WHAT VIRGIN CAN DO, we alrady have xl tv 150 bb and phone
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Re: This Can't Be Right

Online pricing is shot, give them a call for the right numbers, £49.95 for the box & £14.99 activation for most folks
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Re: This Can't Be Right

I would take a look at this thread for info on pricing:

Twitter : @deans6571 / Xbox Live : Deans F
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