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So I pay over £100  a month for over 30 years and am told to upgrade to the new TV6 box it will cost me an extra £44 a month - are you bloody serious lol.

CAnt wait for my contract to end as I am having nothing but problems with rising prices and decreasing standards of service especially broadband - Oh and Managers do NOT phone back when you ask for a call back.

Virgin you are a joke


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Re: TV6

You have a recurring discount applied to your contract then?

Have you talked to Retentions?

TV: XL+SkySports V6
BB: 200Mbps SuperHub: Arris
Loc: ME10
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Re: TV6

Hi Mikeyh68, 


Thanks for your post and apologies to hear that you've been quoted such a high price for upgrading to the new V6 box. 


I'm inclined to stick with PrinterElf on this one. For a rise as much as that, you must have a discount or promotional offer on your account. Only certain discounts are still available when swapping from the TiVo® to the V6. 


Rather than just upgrade, we may be able to look at a different package entirely. Have you spoken with the team on 150 / 0345 454 1111 yet? If not, give them a call and ask for a package review. We'll go through everything to make sure you're getting what you want for a fair price too. 


Keep me posted on how the call goes. 



Forum Team

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