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Soundbar/ARC issues


Im posting in this to see if anyone else has had a similar experience as my guess is with all the problems ive had with it the V6 is the cause!

Until yesterday my Philips TV and Philips Soundbar have happily worked together with no issues through HDMI ARC - they worked for old Tivo, the V6, blu ray player and Now TV

Suddenly with no changes made by me to anything mentioned above my tv cant see the soundbar and therefore doesnt work. None of the functionality as the tv cant see the soundbar or vice versa. Its worked fine for the last 3 months!

I did a reinstall of my tv today and unplugged everything to start again and eureka it was working perfectly again!! The V6 had been introduced and it worked as well but then when turning the power off on the V6 box and the tv and then putting it back on a couple of times the exact same issue occurred again, the soundbar cant find the tv or any of the sources so no sound comes through - all settings are 100% correct

Im trying to establish if a change has been made by Virgin to my V6 which has knackered this up? It doesnt appear that i have received the firmware update mentioned on here but im not sure - anyone else had something similar?


I might bring my 1GB old tivo down from upstairs and see if that works ok with the soundbar but happy to hear peoples views!


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