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Sky living HD elementary v6 error

Anyone had their v6 box reset itself while watching playback of a recorded show?

namely, ELEMENTARY on Tuesday nights recorded from sky living hd (112)

this has happened twice to me -only in this show from this channel while trying to watch it an hour after it's been recorded

the whole recording is on the hard drive as can fast forward past the timeframe where it resets and you can also skip straight to end and rewind back through the whole episode past the crash point. I've tried playback after fast forwarding past the rest point and it works for about 30 seconds then screen goes black and the whole box just relaunches with the multi language welcome screen. I'm guessing this doesn't happen "live" otherwise the recorded show would only be a partial and not have all the hard drive data.

have tried looking on other posts but just keep finding rubbish about standby mode and using Netflix/I player apps!

anyway will try calling tech support about @ some point but in reality what option is their other than a potential replacement v6 box and then loosing (as you always have done) every single show you've recorded which now on a fancy v6 is 1TB of data?!


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Re: Sky living HD elementary v6 error

If you look through other threads you will see that this is a known issue with that show.. no idea why it happens, but sadly it does.


One thread about it but there are others