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Report on the V6 ( updates need )

VM needs to make some changes soon.

1) Too many report training trouble for V6 box install .
1a) Reports of VM people not knowing about the Wi Fi setting up and other details.
2) V6 box is not kept safe in VM vans with no boxes so likely to be damaged in transit.
2a) Reports on many V6 box not booting which could be the transit of boxes.
3) V6 seems to have different types of software installed and all need different amount of time to get updates from the hub.
3a) Some seems to not be able to link to Wi Fi at start maybe due to older software.
4) 1TB box is not going to work as I used my boxes and they both used over 68% of the space . Due to you able to record more channels at the same time and not necessarily needing to make a choice of shows that I recorded. old box never went over 48% ...
4a) I would like a option of 2TB or better 4TB differently if 4K recording come to VM.

5) The box has something wrong with the chips or software in that both my V6 has nano second flicker that is radome which is on live and recording shows...

6) like to see when hot weather conditions come how many V6 break down due to less space inside the box and air vents then other Tivo. ..

Happy Christmas and new year to you
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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Report on the V6 ( updates need )

1) no more or less than any othet bix
2) they do come in boxes. Technicians take them out the boxes so it's easier to fit in bag to take in house.
2a) no more or less than any other box
3) and.....
6) the v6 box is used in hotter countries than the UK, it's called an EOS box
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Re: Report on the V6 ( updates need )

4) Are you recording the same shows on both boxes? you can stream shows between boxes and that effectively gives you a 2TB drive

4a) I think they are 2.5" drives  4TB drives are stupidly expensive in that size (see previous answer for 2TB drives)

5) Mine doesn't


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Re: Report on the V6 ( updates need )

  1. On what grounds? Where?
  2. That's down to how the tech packs his van, and I assume you've seen a sample of 1? Could be a multitude of reasons.
  3. That's normal for any new box - it updates itself whenever it first connects to VM.
  4. Have you recorded more than usual as a result of Christmas? 4k recording is a different kettle of fish, and somewhat redundant when there's no 4k broadcast content.
  5. Legitimate concern. Could be HW, could be SW. Hopefully under investigation.
  6. As long as you're not placing anything on top of it then it should be fine.

TV: XL+SkySports V6
BB: 200Mbps SuperHub: Arris
Loc: ME10
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Re: Report on the V6 ( updates need )

Re 4) - a TiVo and a V6 with the same series links will record exactly the same programs, using the same space, except in the very unlikely situation of failure to record repeats because there are none.

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Up to speed
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Re: Report on the V6 ( updates need )

1. New hardware will present challenges for any technician installing one for the first time. WiFi is an option but hardwiring is obviously preferable - especially at the initial download stage. These V6 boxes are fundamentally very different in their setup compared to all other Virgin TV products.

2. V6 STBs are absolutely stored in boxes.

3. Different levels of software updates on new boxes is absolutely normal.

4. 1TB will be fine for lots of people, but I'd like to see a bigger hard drive too, that'd be cool.

5. Not seen this myself, but that is a legitimate concern.

6. Like someone else mentioned, EOS is a standard box used across all LG franchises now - places much hotter than here Smiley Happy

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