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Problem streaming from other V6 or TiVo? Found my issue, IGMP snooping....

Like a few on here, I couldn't reliably stream my old TiVo recordings to my new V6 box.  The TiVo would show as good for a couple of mins following a reboot of the V6 box but the link would break soon after, reboot being the only quick, temporary fix. 

All the kit in my lounge is hardwired via a managed (well, ProSafe+) Netgear switch, the TiVo uses an AV1200 powerline connection to a different "dumb" switch.  When the TiVo box was moved upstairs from the posh Netgear switch behind the telly onto the powerline, it started to show remote control functions in TV Anywhere, something that never worked when it was in the lounge.  And what do you know, the V6 showed the same symptoms the TiVo had - can see the recordings, settings, etc, just no network remote control possible from the app - an exclamation mark on the pause button and the peanut remote.  So, with a finger firmly pointed at the Netgear switch, I found a support article about disabling IGMP port snooping to resolve issues with multicast network traffic, TiVo specifically mentioned.  Both problems now resolved.

Not sure if this will be of help to many folk but here's a link to the Netgear support article;

Other networking kit may have similar?

I am in an over subscribed area - Fault ref F003066490