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Ordering V6 box

Hi, I recently ordered a v6 box online, and was offered 2 delivery/installation dates, which i chose.

I did not receive a confirmation email about installation, so I rang 150 and was told I could not have a v6 because of my package, despite being offered  one on my upgrades and offers.

I have VIVID 150 Optical Fibre, XL tv and landline, think its called full house now, I was told that I needed to upgrade to 200mbps at a costs of 7.50 per month which I declined. I'm really disappointed because my tivo box is so slow at doing everything, and youtube/netflix are next to impossible.

I dont think its fair being offered the upgrade online only to be told I carnt have one on my current package.

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Re: Ordering V6 box

I don't think that is correct, you only need 100 mbp speed to have the V6. Ring and speak to Retentions - it's the 'I am thinking of leaving' option. You will get a straight and correct answer from them.

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Re: Ordering V6 box

Hi paulgy, 


Thanks for your post and welcome to the Forums. It's nice having a new face in the Community Smiley Happy


Currently, to be able to have the V6 box, you would need a minimum of 100mb broadband. Being on 150mb means you're on an acceptable package. 


To upgrade to the V6 your one off cost would be £99.95 + £14.99 activation fee. 

If you upgrade to 200mb then the one off cost would be £49.95 + £14.99 activation fee. 


I would give the team a call back if you want to go ahead. 


Keep me posted on how you get on Smiley Happy 



Forum Team

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