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Only 1 order at a time so can't order V6 :(

My TiVo box is incredibly slow so when I found out that you can upgrade for £49.95 and £14.99 activation fee I thought it would be a good idea.

Unfortunately, it appears the VM have some kind of ancient order system on their computers which means you can only have one open order on your account at any one time.

In my case,I'm downgrading the movies and the sports but remaining on the Full House package with Vivid 200 BB.

So I can't even put an order in for the V6 box until after the order has completed on the 4th February.

I asked the advisor if it was possible to cancel that order and redo it putting everything on one order. he then told me that he could cancel the order but then I would have to wait for the installation of the V6 box before I could do another order to downgrade the sports and movies again and he advised waiting for the first order to complete in February.

Why can't you have more than one order at once or combine orders so I could order the V6 and downgrade my package at the same time?

By the time February comes round I might well consider changing to Sky Q instead!


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Re: Only 1 order at a time so can't order V6 :(

Hi blakey1152, 


Thanks for your post and apologies to hear you are having an issue ordering the V6. 


Unfortunately, the person you spoke to is correct. There can only be one open Upgrade / Downgrade work order open at one time. If you were to cancel the order then a new 30 days period would start for the Sky Add ons. 


As well as this, until the order is closed the changes wouldn't take effect so if you were waiting a few weeks for an installation, you could end up paying longer for the Sky Cinema and Sky Sports package. 


As soon as the original work order is closed we'd be more than happy to go through your options for upgrading to V6.



Forum Team

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