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I've read the the new V6 boxes also offer "multiroom" viewing:

"The Virgin TV V6 box also supports multiroom playback. However, it works with other V6 boxes or the existing Virgin Media TiVo boxes. You will be able to access recordings on the V6 box on another V6 box or TiVo box around the house. You can also pause, rewind and pick up live TV or on demand content on any of them. The Virgin TV Anywhere app acts similarly to the Sky Q app in that you can also watch your recordings, live TV or on demand content on smartphone or mobile.

Where the V6 box also differs is that you can have more than one V6 box in a household and utilise each box's TV tuners and storage capacity. Two of them, for example, will together offer the ability to record up to 12 shows simultaneously on 2TB worth of storage. The way the system works is that both boxes show the same recorded content, no matter which it is stored on, so it seems as if it's coming from one central place. Add another and, well, you get the idea."

But, do the additional V6 boxes need to be wired in with COAX like the main one would be, or does it stream over a Wifi/Ethernet connection in order to watch LIVE TV - not recordings from another box (and again, I guess this is limited on what can and can't be streamed by the studio/producers of the shows)

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Re: Multiroom

All Virgin Media cable set top boxes have to be connected to a cable co-ax connection.

That is how the TV channels are delivered and boxes such as TiVo and V6 are able to record these channels.

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