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Lack of HD On Demand Content

If it wasn't bad enough that the HD versions of Sky Cinema movies get removed after 30 days, are Virgin now not even bothering to start with? The new Ghostbusters film is in SD only only.

It's almost like Virgin want people to wish they were back with Sky. The On Demand offering from Virgin is a disgrace - 17 years in and they're still struggling to get to grips with the 21st century...
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Re: Lack of HD On Demand Content

I can't believe my discount that was applied for 12 months on Sky Cinema due to lack of HD on demand content is nearly up.
I am going to have to call up again and ask them to reapply this discount due to the 'temporary' outage going on for close to 18 months.
I would rather pay the full price and have the service we had perfectly well 2 years ago.
Never known a company make so many backward steps while the price continues to rise.
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