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Just had the elementary reboot.

Strangely up until now I haven't experienced it, 

I had just touch the remote to rewind a bit to catch a piece of dialog I'd missed and it rebooted. I assumed I'd managed to press something on the remote to cause this, so waited while it went through the booting process and started watching again only to have it reboot again, at which point the penny dropped, so finished watching it on catch up.

I do miss the feature you used to have on catch up where you could enter a start time, however it didn't take long to skip forward.

I wonder what it is in certain programs that causes it to reboot, hopefully the new software update when it arrives will fix this issue, perhaps I should have kept the recording so I could test this when it arrives.

hmm Its on sky living, I wonder if its some sort of weird anti virgin hack by sky Smiley Happy


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