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Installation issues and broadband speed


i had virgin installed yesterday. The engineer turned up did all the cabling and said there was an issue at the switch. He said he had 2 more installs to do on the estate and he would be back later. After 7 hours at 18.30 I phoned up and they said the router needed verifying which they did then it worked after 30 mins. I had to set up both TiVo boxes myself without any paperwork or manuals. I guessed the pin codes and by 19.30 I got the tv working. I have been out all day and just got home. The speed tester shows a best speed of 17 Mbps and a worst speed of 0.4 Mbps . Did 3 diagnostic checks and the first 2 said there was an issue and to wait 10 mins then re boot. I did this and each time the speed got slower. The 3rd diagnostics said all was fine and this is when I got 0.4 Mbps. My daughters have switched over to 4g on there phones as couldn't use the internet.

i am paying for 200mbps and getting best part of nothing let alone the absolutely atrocious customer service from the install team.

who do I send my complaint to and how do 

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Re: Installation issues and broadband speed

Best to phone Virgin and speak to Retentions (the 'thinking of leaving' option). You will most likely get more sense from them.

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Re: Installation issues and broadband speed

Hi Corinneangela, 

Thanks for letting us know that you've been experiencing some issues with slow speeds after the install, I apologise for any inconvenience caused.

I have run some checks on your connection from this side and I couldn't see anything out of the ordinary, no errors or time outs inside the Hubs logs and all of the power levels are within the preferred ranges.

Are you still having these issues? If so, how are you connected when the slow speeds occur, wired or wireless?

Also, when do you notice these slow speeds issues, all times of day or just specific times?

Have you tried changing the wireless channels to see if this helps with performance?

Do the slow speeds occur even when connected directly via ethernet cable to the computer?

I look forward to your reply, 



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