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I want a V6, but .....

I want a V6, and I don't mind paying for it.

But, there's stuff on our current TiVO that we don't want to lose.

Is there any way to keep the content on the TiVO and have a V6?

Could we keep the TiVO and stream the content from that through the V6? Or move the content to the V6?

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Re: I want a V6, but .....

Yes, it is possible to keep the TiVo as a second box and stream content from it to the V6, but you would have to pay the fee for having an additional box and would most likely be tied in to keeping this as part of the package for 12 months.

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Re: I want a V6, but .....

Just to add to what Tavis said, the Tivo also needs to be connected to Virgin via a coax.

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Re: I want a V6, but .....

Ask, they agreed that when I kept mine it wouldn't change my contract and I could send it back at any time, admittedly I wont know if thats true until I try to return it.

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