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Faulty V6 remote?

We had a V6 box installed a couple of days ago to replace our older TiVO. Unfortunately the remote seems to have a mind of its own. The installer paired it to the box, and it worked fine for the first day. The next morning the remote just didn't work any more, period. I checked the batteries, pushed all the buttons, and nothing happened. After a few minutes some of the buttons would work (Home, arrows) but most wouldn't (OK, numbers, TV etc). 

The V6 is connected to our network over 5GHz wifi (Ubiquiti UAC AP PRO), and has what appears to be one long solid white light on the front (is this two white lights?). Our old TiVO remote works perfectly every time, just not the new smaller remote.

I changed the batteries, and it still wouldn't work. Ironically the advice from VM is to re-pair the remote by going to Home > Settings etc... How do you do that when your remote doesn't work to navigate there and the only buttons on the V6 are up, down and standby? Luckily we had the old remote as I said. I attempted the pair process but it fails every time (two red flashes), even with the remote right in front of the box. 

After half a dozen tries I restarted the V6 box itself and the remote paired up, but only some buttons work still. After a few minutes it just stops responding again and the cycle repeats. The old remote works perfectly (IR) the whole time and the box itself seems brilliant. 

I have noticed that the behaviour of the new remote seems inconsistent, whether it's paired and working with the V6 or not. For example if you press any button, sometimes a little red light flashes up at the top when you press, other times it doesn't until you press the button half a dozen times, then it responds and the light shows. 

So, do I have a faulty remote? A broken box? Something else? It's driving me nuts. The V6 itself is fab compared to the old TiVO, and works great. It's just a shame I'm having to use a knackered old remote to control it haha. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Faulty V6 remote?

Hi RainmakerRaw


Apologies for the problems you're experiencing with your remote at the moment, it sounds as if you might have a faulty remote and unfortunately, we're not able to order them via the Community. 


If you're still experiencing this issue, give our team a call on 150 from any Virgin line or 0345 454 1111 from any other to order a remote. 


We'd love to hear how you get on


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