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Ever increasing pricing for upgrade.

So, the confusion on V6 upgrades got interesting recently. Initially the price on the upgrade page was an extra £11.00 or so per month plus the £14.95  rip off, sorry, activation fee.This was a suprise as the was talk of a free upgrade for existing customers.  Recently this has become an offer of, and I am not making this up, an extra £68 + pm and £50 one off fee. i am on the top TV package (without Sky movies), home phone, broadband (dont get me started on the speeds I am getting, but it aint 200 despite that is what I am paying for) and 2 mobiles. Thank you VM for looking after your loyal customers so well and I will miss you when my contract is up, and I might even not wait but pay to leave early. Current Tivo box is slow, picture quality has dropped, lip sync needs constant adjustment depending on channel. I used to reccomend VM to friends who live in cabled areas, now I just can't as I like my friends and what to keep them as friends.

So, could someone from VM please explain why this crazy price increase has been offered?

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Re: Ever increasing pricing for upgrade.

Did you call VM or are you going by online prices? Best to call them and get the price for you.

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