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Errors 407/319

Good evening all

I am a new customer to Virgin, having switched from Sky when my deal expired and Virgin Media became available in my area.  I have to say I am thinking this has been a big mistake.

Everytime I want to watch a newly available movie on demand, I get the dreaded 319 error, similarly I get the  407 error when I have been attempting to watch some other on demand content.

To make matters worse, I have tested my internet speed on 4 occasions, and I have only returned 31, 46, 33 and this evening something which resembled a good speed at 94mbps (this is the exception rather than the rule). I was told when the reps visited my home that Virgin Broadband would futureproof my home for broadband as I have 2 children who use consoles and Netflix.  Updates for my sons Xbox now take longer than Sky's basic broadband.

Having had a reliable selection of on demand content over the years from Sky and even YouView, I have to say I am disappointed.  I am in the dying days of my 30 day notice from Sky, so have reconnected my Sky box, as I look to see if I can find a way out.

Due to the poor on demand service (which I am aware Virgin say is free, however it is listed as part of my package description, therefore part of what I pay for), and the lacklustre fibre, can I leave my contract early without penalty?

Many thanks

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Re: Errors 407/319

Hi Marksie99


Welcome to the Community, I'm very sorry for the problems you're experiencing with your On Demand and TV service recently.


I've located your account to test your set top box and we're not detecting any errors from our end at the moment. Are you experiencing this issue with only one content provider or are you having trouble viewing shows from other content providers too? 
Also, are you noticing this issue occur at certain times of the day? Does this issue occur every time you try to watch something or some of the time? 
Sorry for all the questions, we want to help with this issue ASAP.
Talk soon

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Re: Errors 407/319

Sadly most seem to be in the same position. I still get 407 errors with many on demand films despite the service status page saying everything is ok and also receiving a status update saying the problem was fixed. Done all of the usual reboots after phoning VM but am resigned to the fact the ondemand service is poor at best.
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Re: Errors 407/319

Hi all,


Thanks for posting!


Really sorry for the On Demand issues.


We're currently experiencing issues with certain content on our On Demand platform. Our technicians are working to get this resolved as soon as possible. As soon as we have an update we'll let the Community know.


All the best



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