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Does the scart out on the V6 box actually work?

I have the new V6 box replacing my old tivo box. On the old tivo box I used the scart out option to connect to my dvd recorder. This was very handy when the boxes have been switched over in the past as it meant I could record any programmes I hadn't watched onto my dvd recorder.

When the engineer set the v6 box up today he told me he couldn't connect my old scart to the box as it didn't have one. When I asked if there was any way I could connect he said that I could get a US scart to UK scart connector and then could plug into the v6 box. Not only have I had trouble finding one of these but I've since looked through the virgin community and I've seen mention that the scart out on the v6 box doesn't even work. Can someone confirm this for me before I go and buy a converter. Also, if it doesn't work, does anyone know how I can get the signal sent out of the v6 box to my dvd recorder? Thanks.

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Re: Does the scart out on the V6 box actually work?

The SCART socket is not enabled on the V6 box.

However there are several threads on here about how to get around this - a large discussion is here:
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