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Disappointing Start

I got my fibre and tv installed yesterday , initially seemed to go well however took a replacement hub before we got going great...
Guys said what do you want done with sky cables and was told they would coil them up , later found them cut where they entered house. I put this down to miscommunication as there was two of them.
Tv worked great last night then today shut down itself and tried to reboot , nothing but a screen saying starting up....
Tried resetting , checked connections same called service and same again check connections reboot unit , informed that v6 box has some faults despite it being brand new that are getting worked on , we will send a code to your box call us in 3 hours if no change...
Called 3 hours later 30 mins on hold followed by we will just put you through to v6 dept , only to be cut off now closed.
First impressions are not good ive had 3 sky boxes previously and never an issue with the hardware.
I questioned the broadband speed as throughout the day ive been getting between 19 and 106 mbps ( different rooms ) and via wi fi.
Informed to expect half speed over wi fi as standard and to borrow a laptop with ethernet cable to connect to hub to get true reading...
Im sorry but your adverts and information do not show a wired connection getting full speed then see what you get via wifi
I dont usually have a rant like this but i was up and running for less than 24 hrs and i cant even plug my sky back in.

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Disappointing Start

Hello Fraz,

Thanks for taking the time to message us on the community and I'm really sorry to learn about the problems you've experienced.

I can see that a technician has been booked so please let us know how you get on or if you need any further help after the visit.

Kind regards

Forum Team

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