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My phone won't let my daughter ring me she had her line checked it's ok and had mine done also ok...I've checked that I haven't barred her what can be wrong please can you help...

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Re: t.v

Hi there Sylrob, 


Firstly I'd like to welcome you to the forums, I'd also like to say I'm really sorry to hear that your daughter is having issues getting through to your phone line. 

I doubt very much that you've done anything in order to block her call, as this is not something that we can offer, so we now need to try and get to the bottom of this for you. 


What message does your daughter get when she tries calling you?

Do you receive all other calls normally?

Is your daughter a Virgin Media Customer?

Does your daughter have trouble calling anyone else?

Are you able to call your daughter's phone?

If you call your daughter, can she call you back by dialing 1471 and pressing 3?

Does your daughter live in the same City/Town as you?


I look forward to your reply, so we can get to the bottom of this once and for all. 

Many thanks, and apologies once again. 


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