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phone line inside house - who is responsible?

Hi there - on Friday the virgin engineer came to my mums - she is 83 and the phone was out for a week - again - ist a huge worry when he couldn't reach her - my brother didn't know what he would find when he went over - anyway the engineer says the issue is inside the house - the cable from the street to her flat (inside a three story house) and the landlord would be responsible - her landlord who are a huge concern with thousands of tenants over many years - say this is just not true and they have never fixed anyone's phone line.

I hate to suggest that he was fobbing her off because he couldn't fix it - but who is right here? meanwhile she has no mobile (and i cant get her to use a mobile - ive bought three in the past - she wouldn't use now the number is expired..) i can see i will be going between the two all day and meanwhile we are stuck with no contact to an old lady whop is terrified in the heat that she cant breathe..

Any help gratefully recieved


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Re: phone line inside house - who is responsible?

Hi lellybellybean,

Thanks for coming by and welcome to the community. Smiley Happy

I will be happy to have a look at this for you.  Firstly I will need to get some details from you if that's ok?  I will send you a private message so look for the purple envelope icon above.


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