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why is it when i phone to complain about being overcharged & the person on the customer service line says yes we have now got that sorted for you.

I have now phoned three times to complain about being overcharged & spoke to three different people who say they have corrected it but haven`t do these people actually know what they are doing if not why are the answering the phoned & being employed by virgin.

I am going to ring once more & if my overcharge has not been refunded this time I will write to virgin head office if I then do not get any satisfaction I will get rid of virgin & go to another more reliable company.

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Re: overcharging

Hi alan71


Welcome to the Community, I'm really sorry to learn about the trouble you've been experiencing lately. 


Although we'd need to clear security to be able to fully discuss this with you, I'd like to ask what you're being overcharged for? Also, what do the people you've spoken with say they'll do to get this sorted?


Look forward to hearing from you


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