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no phone line

hello virgin,

ive had no phone line for well over a month, i booked a engineer over the phone on the 12th of january as the online services dont work, i was shocked to find out that would take nearly 2 weeks for the engineer to visit, an engineer was due on the 23rd of january but NEVER arrived, it is now the 20th of february and no contact from virgin at all?

im also have a lot of problems with my internet and wifi, please can a virgin team member get in contact so we can resolve these issues, as the waiting on the phone line[mobile] for an hour and then getting cut off is a waste of my time and money.


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Re: no phone line

Hi there pinnell, 

Firstly I'd like to welcome you to the forums and say that I'm really sorry to hear that your phone line is still not working after quite some time. I'd really like to help you out.

I've run some testing on the line, and can see no reason why you should be experiencing a loss of your phone line. There are no local issues, and no abnormalities are shown up on the test results. 

I've taken a look a the account, and can see that since you made this post, you've arranged for a technician to call out and take another look at things. 

Please let me know how everything goes. 

Apologies once more. 


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