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line cord error. please check


Since Thursday, 16th march 2017, my phone has not been working and states the "line cord error" message.

I am dual disabled and need the phone line 24 hours and am also awaiting an emergency eye appointment. Due to this I phoned virgin on Friday to check the line and it said the line was ok. I then purchased a new  telephone, charged it up and the line is still not working and the message still appears on the handset. So I may have wasted a lot of money on a phone when its pretty clear its the virgin line. This is just another serious problem I have had with Virgin.

PLEASE PLEASE HELP as I cannot afford to miss the eye appointment as my vision is almost gone. I can provide proof of this as your customer service staff just ignore me

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Re: line cord error. please check

Hi chelseasteele,


I'm really very sorry about this.


I've located your account and can see that you have already arranged an appointment for an engineer to visit.


I've checked the available quota and there are appointments free before the scheduled time slot.


I've sent you a private message to advise of the alternative dates/times available.


I can see that you've advised within your post that you're a disabled customer. May I confirm if you have a lifeline installed at the property? You can, of course, confirm this via private message.


Hope to hear back from you soon,






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