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landline has gone dead again - second time in a month

Landline went down for 7 days in May. This was acknowledged as a fault on the website, so one had the comfort that it was something major. 

I've been away for five days, we hardly use the landline anyway (but we have to have th thing because of the broadband deal) and I came home to find the landline dead again. 

An engineer is coming today because it now looks like it's MY problem. I have my doubts...


but my question is: if my landline is down, surely Virgin should volunteer to 'credit' me for the days I am without a landline. Am I supposed to complain until this happens or should they get in touch with me? 

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Re: landline has gone dead again - second time in a month

Hi dbw1959


I'm so sorry to learn about the problems you're experiencing with your phone line at the moment, I'm glad to hear that action has been planned to get this resolved.


I'd love to hear how it goes and I'd like to make sure your bill is adjusted to reflect the service you've received lately. To allow me to do that, could you respond to the private message I've sent with the requested information?


You can view the message by clicking the purple envelope on the top right of this page.


Sorry again for the inconvenience you're experiencing, we'll talk soon.


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