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extremely bad and very scary Virgin service

for 4 months now i have been complaining that i get an intermittent dial tone

I have spoken to many people , at virgin who are all not based in the UK and do not really know what I am querying about

 All I want is the intermittent dial tone to be removed and I do not want voicemail service etc

I use this the phone for an alarm system and I cannot have an intermittent dial tone.

please note i have had virgin and alarm for 4 years and its never been a problem as i had a standard dial tone

My biggest complaint is as follows

This morning I called virgin media around 9am and said I have a fault on the TV, they said an engineer will come between 12 – 4pm


The engineer arrived just before 10am, which was a big surprise, what if I was not in the house.

There is no complaints with the engineer ,  he was a great person and fixed the TV and changed 2 connectors but said he can’t solve the intermittent dial tone


I then called virgin again and spoke to an engineer ,  I told him I have an intermittent dial tone and that I have no voice mails


The engineer said I have no voicemail service but I should speak to the engineer when he comes to my house

I told him the engineer has already left , he then tells me that is not possible

He says that no engineer should have visited my place and nothing is on record.


Now I am really worried, who came to my house and I need to speak to the police as stranger has come to house and Virgin do not know anything about it


I asked the engineer  if I can speak to his manager, he started to get  bid rude and said manager will say the same thing and started to call me mate


He then said all the managers are in a meeting, does anyone know if  virgin actually have a call centre with management or are the calls routed to people’s houses in different parts off the world.


Engineer  said the manager will call me in an hour, I said I don’t think that will happen

He said manager will call and he will also call


4 hours later I still have no calls


I called virgin again at 15:38 as my wife is worried about the stranger situation and notifying the police

The lady said the engineer will arrive at 15:44 ,its now 16:08 and no one has still arrived

This has really spoilt a Sunday


I called again at 16:30 and they said a manager should have called you and they will rebook the appointment for tomorrow

What a terrible waste of a Sunday


I am paying an awful lot of money every month for a terrible service and my prices go up whenever virgin feels like it

But when it comes a point where we are worried about who came to the house and  me contacting the police is very worrying.


I would appreciate if someone senior can get back to me ,


I will be posting this on the forums and social media sites to make people aware that people have access to virgin database and any stranger can come to your premises and virgin are non the wiser




Very Upset and worried long term customer


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