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Checked my email and i was shocked surprised and annoyed that the last agent i spoke to had disconnected me when i asked him not too.   I am very unhappy about this as it is the customer who says when they want to disconnect and not the agent.    This happened after i asked for an end of contract better deal on a broadband only  deal as the family has 5 sim only 30 rolling contract for a long time and therefore dont need a vm landline that just sits there and does nothing.  

from Eust

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Re: disconnection

Hi Eust.

I appreciate you getting in touch with us about this and can see you have posted to us here, Customer Service and we have popped a reply to you about this Smiley Happy

If you could keep your topic posts to one thread for us that would be great! Multiple posts about the same thing do slow us down in responding to our customers on the forums, so if you are able to do that for us we would really appreciate it Smiley Happy

Take care Eust, and feel free to pop back to us if you need anything else.


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