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im a 38 year old with a learning disability, my virgin media phone has been cutting off during conversations and my broadband connection, loses connection, didn't know till someone said in an email I have an unstable network, I have reset my modem once, that seems to have done it

on the other hand I have been receiving phone calls and no one speaking, its been like this for months now.

its annoying when it ruins my game play on facebook

lisa x
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Forum Team
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Re: disabled

Hi scotschick10


I'm sorry to learn about the problems you're experiencing with your services at the moment, I've been able to locate your account to take a closer look at this from our end and run some tests on the line for you. 


We're not detecting any major errors but we've not been able to contact some parts of the line. Have you been able to test your handset at all? By trying an alternate handset or your handset on an alternate line? 


As for your broadband issues, I'd recommend posting in our broadband section so one of our experts in that area can take a closer look for you.


Look forward to hearing from you


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