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blocked international numbers without notice and very RUDE customer service

Dear community. I can't find any emails to write a complaint about the rudeness of the customer service when trying to open a complaint about blocked international numbers to commercial destinations (902 numbers), so I hope I can get some answers here.

I called 150 to ask why I was not able to make an international phone call to Spain (tried to reach my health insurance company) and was informed that the 902 numbers to this country were blocked because of fraudulent issues.  I can understand that telecommunication companies have to stop fraud issues with some numbers, but what I cannot understand that the advisers that are explaining this to me, are not happy if I say that I want to make a complaint about me beeing unable to call a legit number which happens to start with 902. Even if this is not Virgin Media´s fault, as the company that provides the service, it should take their customers complaints and forward them to the institution or regulator that made this decision! 

I´ve been a customer for almost 5 years. I have been paying extra for the international calls service all this time.  I was able to call to these numbers until last year, so I feel I have the right to make a complaint about this without being almost yelled at telling me that it´s not their fault.  

Now, I not only want to make a complaint as a customer that wants to be able to call internationally to legit numbers (which I was able to call before and were blocked without previous notice).  I also want to complain about the rudeness of the advisors that got mad because I wanted to complain about this issue.

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Re: blocked international numbers without notice and very RUDE customer service

HI kgohlitz


I'm very sorry for the problems you're experiencing and for the level of service you've received recently. 


You can contact our team regarding a complaint by giving us a call on 150 from any Virgin line or 0345 454 1111 from any other. Alternatively, you can visit our [Contact Us] page and select the 'Something Else' option at the bottom of the page to see some additional options. 


I hope this helps


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