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blocked SIM card?

Hi, after the chaos of christmas, i finally get around to topping up my daughters pay as you go SIM with £10, so that she can call me after school. However she could not call out today and i also could not get through to her phone. After inspection, and re-starting her device her SIM card is now showing to be permanently blocked? Why has this happened and have i just wasted £10 on a top-up? I am not happy at all as there was no indication of a problem when i topped up online. We depend on her having a phone in order to contact us. What can i do? I have no other way of calling the Virgin team, so how am i meant to sort this out?

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Re: blocked SIM card?

Hi vampiress88,


I'm sorry to hear about the problem you are experiencing with your daughter's PAYG SIM card. 


You have posted this on the Landline Board, so I will move this over to our Mobile Board so one of the team can look into this further for you.





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