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You have paid your bill

Is there any way I can opt out of receiving an automated phone call from Virgin after I have paid my bill? I know I have paid my bill, I have a reference number and the correct amount has gone from my account. I find it annoying that t the real annoying part is the call will continue until I pick the phone up, so I cannot ignore it. If I take the phone off the hook while feeding her, I get the call when she is asleep or as soon as I put the phone back on.


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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: You have paid your bill

Hey lululondon thanks for your post,

I'm sorry about the unwanted calls confirming your payment has been received.

I suspect this may be as your landline number has been set as a mobile contact number on your account, meaning confirmation texts are being sent the landline, causing a call which reads the text out to you.

I'll drop you a private message soon so I can look further into this for you. Just click the envelope to the top right.


Forum Team

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