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Why cant I dial out or receive in coming calls ? again we have no telephone!Loud crackling noises

Yesterday there we had loud crackling noises on the line,my husband managed to make himself heard by a lady operater from Virgin,explained the situation (although she could clearly hear for herself the noise) he gave her all details of this account ,including the password!  She never got back to us or did a thing about it!  Today,the phone has no dialling tone

and just makes a noise like someone exhaling air! We cannot be shut off from our family,and we cannot contact anyone!

Please rectify this matter as soon as possible!

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Re: Why cant I dial out or receive in coming calls ? again we have no telephone!Loud crackling no...

Hi Brirena,


Welcome to the forums Smiley Happy


I'm sorry to hear that your Landline is now not working at all for you.  I will be happy to help check this out for you.


How are things looking today? 


I have carried out a line status check for you and all looks fine from here.  If you are still experiencing No Dial Tone let me know and I can help further.


One other thing I wanted to let you know about, is our Smart Call App.  If you have a smart phone this app may come in handy for you.  All the details are in the link on how to set it up.  It will allow you to use your Landline minutes on your smartphone and will save you using up your mobile credit.  You will be able to call 150 Free using the App also, should you need to call and speak to us also help keep you in touch with your family and friends.


I hope it will be useful for you, if not just give us a shout here and I will be happy to help in any way I can in getting your Landline fixed.


Let me know how you're getting on. Smiley Happy

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