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When did VM reduce down their call clearing time to reduce fraud?

Help desperately needed please.  Long story short, I am trying to help someone who has been defrauded.  One aspects of this turns on the length of a call recorded by a call centre and the length of a call recorded by VM.


The VM customer put the phone down on the call which was made by a third party.  

The information I need is when VM modified their phone exchanges/switches to reduce down the call clearing time down.  There had been a problem with the line being held open by people and both BT and VM said they would be reducing the time down between the phone being put down (in this case by the VM customer) and the call being cleared (termination of the call even when the calling party - the third party in this case - does not put the phone down at their end) to reduce fraud.

So when (date) did VM reduce down their call clearing time (called party hangs up)?  If anyone knows what the new setting is that would also be very useful?  The person is in the London Colney area but I assume the whole network was upgraded.

I can't stress enough how important this is for one very vulnerable person who I really need to help get peace of mind on this.  Your help would be very gratefully received.

Please let me know if you need more information.

Thank you!

PS  Just to be clear - Virgin Media are entirely blameless in all this but I really need help!

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Re: When did VM reduce down their call clearing time to reduce fraud?

Hi MisterRAD

I appreciate you getting in touch with us about this.

It's not something I have ever been asked and not part of the normal run of the mill questions from a Customer Care perspective so I'll ask our wider associate group if anyone can help support us with this oneSmiley Happy

As soon as I get some feedback on this for you I'll pop back with an update!

Thanks again for posting and thanks too for joining us on the community! It's questions like this that make the day fly by- we all love a bit of digging when a puzzler crops up Smiley Happy

Cheers and speak soon!



Forum Team

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