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Virgin home phone yet again not working

This is now over a couple of weeks that ive picked up my receiver to call and there is no dial tone, its like someone is on the other end but not saying a thing.

I cant ring you as the phone wont let me, last time I came on here and said about it within hours the phone was back on and I could use it.

Can someone help or advise, especially someone from virgin


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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Virgin home phone yet again not working

Hi Jackie,

Thank you for posting on the Forum. I'm sorry that your landline isn't working.

I have been able to access your account via your Forum details and run testing on your line. I can see that there are no outages reported for your area and the test results aren't indicating what is causing this issue, so we will need for you to check your equipment.

If the below checks have already been done, I can schedule an engineer to call out to get this fixed for you.

Please verify the following checks have been done:

  • Check the phone – Please try another phone to check if the line is the issue (required on no dial tone faults). Is the phone turned on and if it is, are the batteries correctly inserted & charged? **If you don't have an alternative phone handset to try, please try your phone on a different landline (friend/relative/neighbour's landline) and see if it works**
  • Check the socket – Check the phone is plugged into the right socket; you’d be surprised how often it’s not. Ensure it is plugged into the Virgin Media socket with the logo or if no logo exists, the correct phone socket.
  • Check the extension – Is it connected properly? Does the problem persist if the phone is plugged directly into the Virgin Media socket with the logo or if no logo exists, the correct phone socket?

I'll send you a private message requesting further details so that I can arrange an appointment for you if you are still having the fault on the line after doing the above checks. Just click the envelope icon at the top right of this page. 


Virgin Media Forum Team


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