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Virgin Media and the Line Saver Rental scam

In my opinion it's a scam.

I took out an 18-month contract with 12-month line-saver-rental, so I paid the line rental all up-front, but at a small saving.  But just recently, with about 7-8 months left to go and the line-saver 12-month period almost up, they kept badgering me to extend for another 12 months.

Why don't they allow you to take out 18 month line-saver agreements, or add on 6 months to a 12-month contract, so that the end-date is co-termed with your other package items?  Also, the savings are now so small that I wonder if there is any point in taking it up.  Line rental is a big ticket items for Virgin - they make a lot of their money out of the just forcing you to take the phone line, and are now ripping people off with charging for just dialling a number even if you don't get through.

If I could tell them where to stuff their phone line rental I would - I'd happily spend money on going to VoIP any day, rather than just hand over cash to Virgin for a phone I never use.  But working through the numbers taking broadband and tv without the phone is almost the same price as taking it with the phone.  As can this even be right, or allowed?  There is no choice but to take their phone line.   BT is just the same - sharks.  Why can't you have broadband without a phone line rental.  It's mad - in technology terms you could have either, or both, but you don't technically need to have voice to have broadband.

Virgin Media make it easy for customers to dislike them.  Why do they follow BT's every price move?  My phone is on a VM cable, to a VM box, on a VM network - so BT isn't involved.  Why are prices pegged to what BT charges?





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Re: Virgin Media and the Line Saver Rental scam

The reason all ISP's use the "line rental"  model of pricing is simple. It makes things look cheaper.


Broadband deal 1. 50 quid a month 

Broadband deal 2. 32 quid (plus 18 quid line rental)

Guess which one the vast majority of sheeple will sign up for? Number 2, you are paying less! Smiley Wink

In VM's case Line rental is just another way of structuring your charges. That should be obvious from what you found out yourself- that removing the phone line from a bundle means you wind up paying the same (or thereabouts) I don't know why people get hung up on it. The price is the price is the price.

For what its worth , most people who follow these things think the "line rental charge" is likely to become a thing of the past soon.

I think it would be extremely foolish to expect bills to come down when that does happen though...