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Upgrade on phone package but still being charged for calls

Mid Dec - I rang Virgin Media to enquire about cost of upgrading landline from evenings and weekend UK calls to 24/7 UK call package. Increased cost £3 per month AND covers mobile calls. Yes please!

17 Jan - Rang to point out my bill overcharged me £41.34 for calls included in new package.  He will sort out and ring me back

24 January - I rang to say I'd checked online and nothing done and no call back. He'll sort a credit now and it'll be given against your next bill. No says I. Direct debit for existing bill goes through on 6 Feb, I want it taken off that. He would speak to his manager to get it sorted.

6 February - I checked bank and Virgin debited full amount. I rang and said "you've no right to do that, I don't owe it. It'd be different if we were talking about £10 but this is £41.34" He then explained that I am currently STILL being charged for all calls that are included in new tariff. He said he would cancel direct debit to stop problem continuing and he would recredit my bank with what had been taken but I would have to pay the amount properly due over the phone when he rang me back to confirm it was sorted. I slept on it overnight and thought maybe it would be best to try and get in touch with UK call centre so next morning I rang early

7 Feb - I spoke to Leanne. She said chap last night had cancelled direct debit and referred to his manager. He doesn't have authority to do anything else. She reinstated direct debit, credited my account with enough to cover all call charges to date and cancelled and reapplied the code applicable to the new tariff which should fix from now on. 

9 Feb - Checked online and had been charged for all calls since I spoke to Leanne. Adam said he will now refer to IT department. He will absolutely make sure that he gets back in touch with me by 17th to let me know what's happening but more likely will be fixed within a day or so as money involved rather than just SUBSTANTIAL inconvenience.

16 February - Virgin emailed me another bill including charges for calls included in new tariff. I rang and spoke to Mary. System showed that it had been referred to IT but nothing else. If Adam was going to follow up, the system would show this. IT had not yet looked at which is unusual as usually 3 to 5 working days so should have been by now. Mary has worked at Virgin for 5 years and only come across this kind of thing twice. In both cases it took months to resolve. Currently a delay of 30 mins to get through to IT Dep't so she would ring IT Dept at 8am this morning (17th) and ring me after she had spoken to them. She will also note her diary to go into my account for next few months on my billing day to ensure a credit is applied to cover call charges incorrectly applied. 

I'm waiting to hear from Mary. I have high hopes that Mary will ring me .......... sometime. When she's free

QUESTION - Is there a known problem with Virgin 24/7 UK call package?

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