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Unhappy customer

I realised that my phone was not working and called the customer helpline to request they check for a fault on the line so i could be sure it was not an issue with my phone ....what a palaver! the first person was offshore, said they couldn't help and passed me through to another person Louise. I advised that I was having to call from my mobile and she called me back...not long into the call the line went dead and I waited for her to call be back but she did not. I redialled and again was offshore..asked to be connected to uk line, told cannot do and was unhelpful so I ended the call. Went to a friend and used her phone to call customer service...again offshore and after long time was eventually told an engineer would call 25th February - 10- DAYS! He said he would call back the following day at the same time (give or take 10 mins) after checking that there may be an earlier slot....surprise! NO call. Having just checked my mobile account the calls have cost me over £8!! Have just tried to contact again by using online chat as all lines are busy. Very unhappy with the Virgin service! By the way Currys Exchanged the phone no quibble and still does not work. Why can the line not be checked straight away - this used to be done??? VERY UNHAPPY CUSTOMER

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Re: Unhappy customer

Hi smithy4451


I'm so sorry to learn about the service you've experienced lately and for the issues with your phone line. 


I've located your account to check for an earlier appointment but there are non available at the moment unfortunately, I'll keep an eye on that from our end for you. 


I'd love to hear how the appointment goes too, get in touch after the issue has been resolved and we'll take a look at crediting you for the loss of service you've experienced. 


Look forward to hearing from you


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