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This would be funny if it wasn't such appalling service

We noticed a problem on our home phone line back in January and after a lot of effort, managed to book an engineer visit on the 14th of February.  I took time off work to make sure I was home for the 4pm-7pm slot, only to discover a card saying they had been and we weren't in!  Managed to reach a customer service person who talked to the engineers and assured me they would return before 7pm.  They didn't of course.  Had to book another appointment for today, 6th March.  We called them to find out where they were, and were told that the engineer (who knew he was coming to look at the phone lines) couldn't reach us on the phones, and therefore decided to cancel the appointment!  I've taken time off work, my wife took the whole of today off work, the phones aren't fixed.  How do I get a rebate on the phone fees for the last two months, some reimbursement for the cost of a day and a half we've taken off work, and most importantly a promise that the phones might actually get fixed before the Summer?  (Oh, and trying to contact VM using webchat proves impossible as well).  I'm just so frustrated, which is such a shame because I've been a happy customer for many years.

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Re: This would be funny if it wasn't such appalling service

Hi ajthedemigod

I appreciate you getting in touch with us on the forums about the issues with your no dial tone and understand that this has been something you have been trying to resolve with us since the first missed appointment.

I am so sorry that this has been an issue for you Smiley Sad

I have checked the account for you today and can see that you have spoken to my colleagues last night after you posted to us on the forums, and that they have booked an engineer for you and looked into your other queries as well.

Can you please keep us posted on how the visit goes and if there is anything else we can do for you.

Thanks again.

Forum Team

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