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Telephone cabling left loose outside flat

Hi - first time poster here.

I wanted to post this here on the forum as I wanted to share the photos, and difficult to do on the phone to customer services.

I moved house in February and decided to renew my Virgin Media contract to take it with me - cue numerous problems with a faulty TiVo box, four or five different contracts all with different amounts received, numerous calls to customer services etc. etc (but I won't go into this now).

The topic of this post is the telephone line. The engineer in early February said he couldn't install the line due to some work that would need doing outside the premises and scheduled an appointment over a month away on the 17th March. The engineer arrived, installed the line (the job was a 'nightmare' for some reason - not completely sure why) and all has been working fine.

Today, I decided to take a look outside and see exactly what cabling job had been done, and I found a loose trailing telephone cable all the way from the front of our block of flats, and around to the back where our flat is. Instead of fixing the cable to the outside walls, it has simply been draped over a hedge that runs around the perimeter of the building. Photos below:


Apart from the fact that this line could easily be snipped by the gardener next time he comes to shear the hedge, the bare section of wiring in the last photo looks the most worrying - even a bit of insulating tape would have helped surely?

I would have expected that the cable could have been secured to the wall above the hedge or at least through one of those green pipes to protect it?

Is this the norm for these kind of installations?? Looks pretty ropey to me and not up to the standards I have seen elsewhere!

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Re: Telephone cabling left loose outside flat

Hi youngpilgim83,

A warm welcome to our community Smiley Happy

I'm sorry to hear that the Landline wiring hasn't been placed securely.  Looking at the images I would like to see them tidied up myself as well.  I'm sorry that this wasn't done in the first instance. 

I will arrange for an engineer to call round and get this sorted for you.  To check your messages look for the envelope icon above.

Collette Smiley Happy

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