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Take over phone line account and divert it?

Hi, I'm looking for some advice on behalf of a local church please, and would love to know if something is possible and if so, who can I talk to that will actually understand!

The local Vicar is retiring and moving away from the area. The vicarage phone number is with Virgin Media but is on an account personal to the Vicar. The church itself doesn't have a phone so the only phone number in existence for the church (and no doubt in lots of address books, weblinks etc etc) is the one at the vicarage. The Vicar cannot get VM services where he is retiring to, so has just given his notice to cancel his phone/broadband at the end of April.

Some concerns have been raised that we will lose the number that is in general circulation so we would like to keep it. However it would need to be temporarily diverted to someone else until a new Vicar comes along. To add a little else into the mix, the vicarage may be let to tenants for a while so they may want to enable the VM services to that property in their own name.

So in short, is it possible for the Vicar to request that just his phone line and number is transferred to a new bill-payer (the church in this case, so perhaps classed as business?), and if so, can this be done at 'exchange' level so that the phone number is retained (and can be diverted) but any new tenants in the vicarage can use the VM pipe to their house themselves if they want to sign up for their own account? Ultimately we would then want to transfer that number back into the vicarage when a new vicar arrives.

Any thoughts, experience and ideas on who to speak to would be appreciated. Thanks

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Re: Take over phone line account and divert it?

Hi Stevemm99


To answer some of your questions, it would be possible to request that the number is ported but it would need to be ported to an active account, so if someone is moving into the church, then they can create an account and while the line is still active, requested the number is ported there.


As for tenants also moving into the vicarage, if it's classed as a separate address then they'll be able to set up an account with us but if not, then you're only able to have one account per address. 


I hope this helps


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